Acumatica Practical Owner Workshop in Thailand

On the 12th and 13th of November 2019, our CEO joined the Acumatica Practical Owner Workshop at Acumatica office in Thailand. This workshop provided a good discussion and experience sharing in related ERP development and implementation challenges and opportunities from partners around ASEAN countries. Beyond that, we have learned and developed strategies on how we can work and support businesses in their business transformation.

The advancement of digital technology has been influenced by customer behaviors in how they consume information and make decisions.

This speedy changes, business needs to empower their people and streamline their business operations with the decision support system technology in order to stand in this competitive marketing.

This technology refers to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that provided all aspects of an organization into a single database, application, and user interface, including product development, manufacturing, product planning, sales, and marketing. It also provides a degree of structured monitoring and automation. Instead of requiring employees to keep different databases and spreadsheets that need to be combined manually to produce documents, ERP systems allow employees to extract reports from one process.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is referred to as business process management software that enables enterprises to use integrated application systems to manage the business and automate certain products, technology, and human resources related to back-office functions.

We got great inspiration, best practical experience, and strategy in providing a better customer experience in developing and implementation.

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