Codingate’s New Year’s Resolutions

A new year has begun and Codingate has made a few New Year’s Resolutions. In 2016 we want to grow further and challenge ourselves even more. Therefore there are going to be a few changes in the company.

Soon we will release three new products designed by Codingate. These products are all supposed to help businesses with their management and are going to be customizable for client’s individual needs. The products are:

RelationGate – a Business Management System which helps you run your business and maintain a positive relationship with you clients.

PawnGate – a Loan & Pawn System which can help you generate and manage all your financial transactions.


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ConsultGate– a Training Management System with integrated Customer Relationship Management System which supports the planning and management of your training business.

Further, Codingate is going to pilot our Fast Tracking Software Development Program. We will take the Saturday off and turn in into a training day. This should give the team more time to be creative and learn new things as well as develop new and innovative projects with their ideas. The aim is to develop a start-up spirit and encourage them to go forward with their ideas. Furthermore, every team member of Codingate should understand the full lineup of Codingate products and services. But the Saturdays are also about the individual skills from the team. Through workshops and teamwork, we want to enhance our technical skills as well as soft skills and promote analytical and critical thinking in our company.


The last resolution from Codingate is to improve our organizational structure. We want to work towards ‘organizational excellence’ and therefore we are going to implement some standard software development workflows. For a better and standardized project management workflow Scrum, a software development methodology for managing product development is used. For software version control Git, a widely-used version control system for software development, is used.

Through these changes, we, Codingate, want to strengthen our team spirit and offer clients even better products and services. Codingate has a lot of plans this year and we are eager to grow and develop our services and products. The year promises to be full of change and innovation.


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