Pawn and Loan Management Solution

In 2016 we offer our clients new products. These products should help businesses with their management and are going to be customizable for client’s individual needs. The products are:

RelationGate aims to help you run your business and to maintain a positive relationship with customers. It supports a wide range of activities, beginning with the first meeting and ending with giving feedback after a project is done. The main focus is to conduct your business through an online network and manage proposals, contracts and other business documents. We offer the best all-in-one management software solution. It is easy and flexible, but powerful and highly customizable and will make your business more efficient.The key benefits are its automated sales process, the simple and hassle-free management, an unique customer service and you can access it anywhere, anytime.

PawnGate helps pawn shops and companies active in micro financing, to generate and manage all financial transactions. The system is very efficient with a central database that manages different branches. Our system is a pawn management software system that helps pawnbrokers operate a successful business and is an engine for growth. Its key benefits are the seamless coworking between the components, the optimization of the pawn shop’s operations and profits. You can easily track your customer information in one place and also monitor and control all operations anywhere, anytime.

ConsultGate with integrated Customer Relationship Management Systems is designed for training and consultant businesses. It is designed to support the planning and management of your training business. Our solution can foster your business growth by automating all administrative tasks and increasing your online sales. Key benefits are the fully automated training management processes, that you are able to track and view training documents and check the attendance of the participants. The trainer fees are calculated automatically and participants can book trainings online.

Are you interested in one of our products? Contact us and we can work together to make your business more efficient.