What is Project Management System defined?

Project Management system (PM) is defined as the application of knowledge, skills, techniques that involve with planning and organizing of a company’s resource to move specific tasks, event or duty towards completion. Project Management help to define the goals and objectives of the project and determines when the various project tasks to be completed by whom with every task in the whole project.

Project Management can be managed the project such as personal information, technology, and property, a limit length, a lot of activities, right staff working on it, the clear deadline, and fixed budget.

How does PM System benefit your business?

All SME business management must be have a project management in their company. A Project Management (PM) brings a unique shaped by goals, resources, and schedule of each tasks in project. A PM solution helps you focus on your project in your organization’s working with an individual or as a team in order to complete project faster and build the stronger relationship with them too. Before you can start use Project Management you have to know about your project very clearly and scale the project how size it is to manage as well.

Benefit of Project Management features

There are many modules in project management system that you can use with other different features to handle your tasks. Anyway, you can divide your project into many tasks for employees to know their working progress, manage the tasks, and be ready that the project will be done accurately on time.

  • Organizing and planning the project: From the start to finish, every project need to organize the project properly and list down the tasks for employee to ensure completed it done. Breakdown the project into many tasks is very accurate for company because it will be help easily group tasks at the right stage before start other thing ahead. You may also see the drop view show working progress from stage to stage such list to do, in progress, in review and done for your project so that you can schedule your team working with a specific deadline and assign each task with a timeframe to know which employee should complete it.

  • Live Chat: While on the making project, Communication is very important in your company. Discuss internal with your teamwork well so the outcome of your project will be better done too.

Open group called “Channel” to follow discussions on specific topic and working involved for a project in your company to keep track of the conversation about the project that you follow or create direct discussion with other employees and private discussion group for boost up your working process faster. Moreover, it will set up conversation to get notification from your teamwork and attached file to any task and keep connected with your team.

  • Project Time Tracking: Every project has a budget and a time frame. Assign the tasks to employee for whom is responding correctly to the project and simplify the time of working hour that each employee spends on their tasks, it will improve collaboration for your teamwork and easier to know whether the project will be done on time or not.

Through overview, you can be customized the stage from planning for each project and increase overall efficiency.

  • Analysis of the project: To getting to know how is your project will be done or not, you can view your graph to analyze your data and working progress from each employee by the status graph.
    It could let you know how many tasks are in progress, error and done in project so you can review every tasks and corporate them to be completed to finish on schedule well. 
    Moreover, it helps you to track and maintain the project working smoothly on time and budget from any level of making the project.